About us

If you have any questions at all, then you should find the answer here

As a growing network of leaders, it’s important that those who connect with us, understand why we do what we do, and also know something of our history. We have tried to answer most questions here, but it there is something you would like to know that isn’t mentioned, then please do contact us.

The core aim of One Heart One Voice is to facilitate the unity of Christian Leadership in the Doncaster area and to genuinely celebrate the diversity of the Christian Church. Why not be part of that journey now ….

How did our story begin & how many churches did we start with?

On Saturday 2nd May 1998 a small group of ministers in Doncaster met together and committed themselves to pray regularly for the town. Initially the group consisted of just 8 ministers from 8 churches, and 5 denominations. On Wednesday 13th May 1998 at 7.00am the group met for the first time to pray for Doncaster. That group grew, and became known as the Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship, which continues to meet and pray together.

Why were we formed & how did we choose our name?

On 4th June 2003 Ian Mayer was invited to take over the leadership of Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship. During 2004 Ian & Alyson formed the One Heart One Voice network, with a vision to specifically reach out beyond the core Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship group, and engage with Church leaders across the denominational spectrum.

Based on Romans 15 v5-7, the name One Heart One Voice was inspired during a Leaders Day that took place on Thursday 23rd September 2004:

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

Today One Heart One Voice exists as a strategic network of Christian leaders, working throughout the Borough of Doncaster and South Yorkshire. One Heart One Voice is about looking beyond the possibilities and boundaries of individual churches and ministries and understanding that the mission of the Church is a joint responsibility shared with others. The Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship still operates as the core group of One Heart One Voice.

How are we structured and governed?

Since 2004 Ian & Alyson Mayer have been at the heart of growing and driving the One Heart One Voice network.

Mission Doncaster (and the leadership network, One Heart One Voice) is a project of The Jubilee Trust which is a registered charity. The Mission Doncaster project management group is delegated, by The Jubilee Trust Trustees, to the Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship, which meets weekly. By engaging with the One Heart One Voice network, members are agreeing to our Statement of Faith and Membership Terms.

The Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship still operates as the core management group of One Heart One Voice, and includes other local influential relationships, that extend beyond the weekly gathering. This foundation of prayer and relationships has been the key to all that One Heart One Voice has achieved in Doncaster.

Who manages our finances and how are we funded?

Mission Doncaster is underwritten by The Jubilee Trust.

The Jubilee Trust facilitates the use of a separate (ring-fenced) bank account. The Mission Doncaster bank account is managed independently from the The Jubilee Trust account, using additional signatories. If you would like give directly to the work of Mission Doncaster (and the One Heart One Voice leadership network) then please use the details below, stating OHOV as the reference.

Bank: Lloyds Bank, Hight Street, Doncaster
Sort Code: 30-92-68
Account No: 01294495
Reference: OHOV

We are always extremely grateful for the financial support of organizations, churches and individuals.

What's the connection between Mission Doncaster & The Jubilee Trust?

The church in Doncaster has a great history of working together. In the early 1970’s Doncaster United Christian Fellowship (DUCF) worked as a significant ecumenical movement in the town. Mission Doncaster formally began in 1986 and was previously called “Alive in Mission – Doncaster Fellowship of Churches”, and in 1987 was registered as a charity.

Between 2003 and 2005, Mission Doncaster began to struggle as an independent charity, so in 2006 Mission Doncaster was re-branded, and adopted as a project of The Jubilee Trust. On 5th March 2008 Mission Doncaster formerly ceased to be registered as a charity, and was re-registered as a working name of The Jubilee Trust.

The Mission Doncaster brand now acts as an umbrella providing administrative and financial support (eg: banking, addressing child protection issues, liability insurance, publicity services, training, etc). Those involved work together through shared relationships, shared values and a shared vision. Not only can we combine our individual resources, but having supportive and accountable relationships provides a stable platform to work and grow.

The Jubilee Trust was founded in 1999 by Ian & Alyson Mayer, and exists to support and resource people, in developing a meaningful and authentic faith in every sphere of their lives.

How have we grown & what types of churches and organisations are involved?

We have been meeting together since 1998. We involve all Christian denominations and traditions, and have over 80 churches in the network. The Nicene Creed is the profession of faith which forms the mainstream definition of Christianity, and is used by One Heart One Voice as our Statement of Faith. Over 20 church leaders meet weekly for early Morning Prayer, followed by breakfast. We gather 50 – 60 leaders regularly through the year for Network Days, and we engage with hundreds of leaders via social media.

How can I join the unity movement?

Although there are many Christian congregations, expressions and streams, there is only one church in our city. If you are in Christian leadership in Doncaster, then you are already part of the unity movement. Your choice is about how much you decide to connect with that unity, and how involved you decide to become in the unity journey.