At the centre of what we do, is our weekly gathering to pray for the Borough of Doncaster

Since 1998, Ministers and Church Leaders from across the Borough, have gathered each week to pray regularly for Doncaster, with the following as their focus:

  • Commitment to pray for the town
  • Commitment to pray for each other
  • Commitment to developing relationships

If you are a Church Minister, or hold a Senior Leadership position within your church or Christian organisation, then please do join us every Wednesday at 7.00am for prayer, followed by an optional breakfast.

Venue Address

Christ Church Doncaster
Thorne Road


Prayer Declaration

We declare that Doncaster will be known as a city where the church is seen as one; We declare that Doncaster will be a city that will be known for it’s love, compassion and unity; We declare that Doncaster will be a place where the love of God is outpoured through the church, the community and the marketplace; We pray for Godly leaders who will seek righteousness, peace and joy, to rise up within each area of our Borough; We declare that every soul in our Borough shall have the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus and we declare that His eternal message of hope will reign over our Borough.

(Initiated and produced by Ian & Alyson Mayer in 2017)